The Laguna story has started with the restaurant. Our restaurant serves national and international cuisine for both, hotel and non-hotel guests.

Interior of the restaurant is unique and authentic. Wood and stone are elements of the restaurant's interior. Such combination resembles the romantic past at least for a moment.
Large bar from green stone dominates in the restaurant. Shape of its stones is fully natural. Tables and chairs have been made out of fine oak tree with the high shine level. The ceiling is also been made of brown oak tree with green oak beams and small white marble parts.
There is also a handmade stove as a restaurants important part. It has two different functions to heat and to be decoration of the interior. There are also numerous old details such are clocks, writing machines, barrels, hand coffee grinders, horse shoes, wheels, scissors, pots and etc. In addition, there is a permanent photography setting of old Podgorica.

Cuisine is national and international. Our menu combines fish, red&white meat, roasts, stew meals, pastas, salads, soups and desserts. The kitchen staff is preparing everything from soups to desserts by itself. We may recommend few of menu's offer:
Broths and soups,
Montenegrin starters,
Laguna veal,
Laguna beef steaks,
Carp and eel,
Laguna specialty,
Traditional Montenegrin food (japraci, stakes, roasts),
Traditional Podgorica style stakes (popeci, fillet),
Mediterranean stake,
French fillet,
Bajadera cake,
Fruit cake,
Traditional Montenegrin cakes and etc.

Our menu also comprehends vegetarian meals comprehending vegetables, mushrooms, eggplants, zucchini, risottos and etc.

Prices at the restaurant are very acceptable. Moreover, each dish is made out of high quality natural ingredients. Therefore, quality/price ratio is great.
Restaurant also offers special daily menus and happy hours at very advantageous prices - already at 6 EUR per person (soup, salad, main course and dessert).

Laguna is also a catering service provider. Our catering menu is a spectacular combination of homemade finger food.

Breakfast at Laguna is being served a la carte. For breakfast you can choose continental breakfast, English breakfast, Montenegrin breakfast, different types of omelets, pancakes, vegetarian breakfast and etc. The key aspect is fresh, prompt and individual preparation of every breakfast.
In addition, we offer half and full board accommodation for hotel guests.

Laguna has a terrace and a spacious summer garden with plants and flowers. Although it is covered with the wooden ceiling it is very sunny and cozy. Summer garden can be used for a perfect espresso, a la carte breakfast, business lunch or light dinner.


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